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Artist:Michael Craig-Martin



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Now—Michael Craig-Martin 2015 China Tour Exhibition | Shanghai

Organisers: Shanghai Himalayas Museum and Cultural and Education Section of the British Consulate-General

In collaboration with Gagosian Gallery and Holtermann Fine Art

Opening: 5:00pm, Feb. 2, 2015 (Mon.)

Last to Apr.12.2015

Shanghai Himalayas Museum is pleased to present Now – Michael Craig-Martin 2015 China Tour Exhibition 丨Shanghai on February 2, 2015. The exhibition will mark a debut of Michael Craig-Martin (1941- ), a leading figure of British contemporary scene, in mainland China. Organised by Shanghai Himalayas Museum and the Cultural and Education Section of British Consulate-General, Now is also the inaugural event of 2015 UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange. 42 new paintings in varying sizes, which are all painted in acrylic on aluminium, will be put on display, each of a single daily object. Collectively, they compose a story of contemporary life.

Daily objects of simple shapes and bright colours are recognized as the signature of Craig-Martin’s art. Hailed as “the high priest of ordinary things” by the Telegraph, Craig-Martin’s work is in many public collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Tate Gallery, London; and the Centre Pompidou, Paris. He also created large-scale site-specific installations upon the commissions of the Kunstvereins in Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, and Hannover and National Art Center Tokyo.

Born in Dublin, Craig-Martin moved to the United States with his family and studied fine art at Yale University. He returned to Europe in the mid-1960s, becoming one of the key figures in the first generation of British conceptual artists. In the late 1970s, he began to make line drawings of ordinary objects such as headphones, chair and paint roller, which became transformed into drawings, paintings and steel sculpture rendered as concisely as possible. It’s more than often that people tend to turn a blind eye to daily objects surrounding them for they take their presence and the alteration they’ve made on the world for granted. However, these easily ignored ordinary objects have remained a center of Michael Craig-Martin’s artworks for decades. According to him, “the colors are meant to convey the non-visual sensations - the smell, taste, feel and sound - of the objects.” Among the exhibits for his premiere in Shanghai, common objects such as scissors, cell phone, skateboard and flip-flops are featured.

In addition to his achievements in the realm of art, Michael Craig-Martin is also a prominent figure in art education. He taught at Goldsmiths College in London from 1973 to 1988 and 1994 to 2000, where he was a powerful influence on a group of his students who became known as the Young British Artists, including Gary Hume, Sarah Lucas, Tracy Emin, and Damien Hirst. He also took the role as the judge for the John Moores New Painting Prize, a leading showcase for contemporary paintings and emerging talents.

When asked about his insight into art education, Craig-Martin said the most important thing was encourage students “to believe in their own instincts, they have to value what they are good at. They have to understand that to carry a passion about something is es¬sential. Many people have talent, but because they don’t have a passion, they will never work. But a person with very little power, but a lot of passion, they can succeed.”

Craig-Martins arrival in China is a sort of home coming for the Dublin-born artist, who claims Chinese lineage as well: his great-grandmother was Chinese, which makes his tour exhibition in China all the more intriguing and the inaugural event of 2015 UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange all the more special and meaningful.

During the exhibition, Michael Craig-Martin will also be engaged in a series of interactive programmes with art educators and young art practitioners in China.

N O W  by Michael Craig-Martin

For many years my work has been centered on images of the ordinary familiar objects that surround us. These objects have been created to serve our needs and desires. Because of this they vividly express the complex character of contemporary life and offer a means of communication not limited or obscured by differences of language or culture.

I have turned these very different objects into a language of images - a universal visual language. For this reason I am confident that although this exhibition will constitute the first time my work has been shown in mainland China, everyone who sees it will be able to engage with the work, to understand it without difficulty. Every viewer will bring to these images their own associations, memories, and values.

I started making line drawings of objects in 1978, always one thing at a time. The objects I chose to draw were commonplace, easily recognizable, man-made. They were generally mass-produced and commercially modest.  

If in my paintings the line drawings constitute the ‘facts’ about the objects, the colours provide their sensuality and acknowledge our feelings towards them – our emotions, desires and fantasies. I use colour as freely and vividly as possible, to make each painting as particular and immediate as the object itself - alive in the moment.

In my work I try to look beyond the ways mass-produced objects are usually thought of - as crass examples of consumerism or as design icons, or expressions of good taste or bad - to try to locate something of their essence.  

I consider this group of paintings, each of a single object, is the purest expression of my art.

All were made in 2014, and all are untitled. They are painted in acrylic on aluminium.

When I first visited the Himalayas Museum I decided I wanted this exhibition to feel as contemporary as possible. Some objects, such as books, stay much the same over the years. But there are others, such as the iphone or the mouse, that did not exist a short time ago and will probably disappear from daily life in only a few years.

I want this exhibition to offer a picture of contemporary life as we know it today - NOW.


2015 sees the first ever UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange – showcasing the very best of UK culture in China and Chinese culture in the UK.

A unique opportunity to further deepen and strengthen the UK’s existing relationship with China across the arts and creative industries, the 2015 UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange will build on our long and shared rich cultural histories, and seek to inspire what this creative partnership means in the 21st Century.

The Year comprises of two ‘seasons’ of culture – a UK season in China in the first half of 2015 and a China season in the UK in the second half of 2015.

The theme for the UK season in China is ‘the Next Generation’, with a contemporary, adventurous, multi-disciplinary and innovative programme of around 30 projects across China. Through these projects, and supporting dialogues and visits between professionals, the Year showcases the diversity and excitement of the UKs creative, cultural sector and of our many fine artists. This is supported by a significant digital offering, including on social media and a new digital arts platform, for showcasing and for connecting all those interested in two cultures, and how the UK and China work together.

Now – Miachael Craig-Martin 2015 China Tour Exhibition 丨Shanghai, organised by Shanghai Himalayas Museum and the Cultural and Education Section of British Consulate-General, marks the beginning of 2015 UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange.

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  • Announcing 2016 Artists in Residence (Gwanju)

    Announcing the 2016 Himalayas x Gwangju Artists in Residence

    After a month-long open call for the Shanghai Himalayas Museum Artist-in-Residences 2016 Gwangju Program, we are pleased to announce that we have selected two gifted Chinese artists, Shanghai-based Xu Zhifeng and Beijing-based Xie Yi, from the 49 applications we received, to embark on a journey to Korea as this years artists in residence.

    Congratulations to the two artists and a warm thank-you to all the artists who applied for the open call.



    1983 born Xu Zhifeng is an interdisciplinary artist based in Shanghai and holds a bachelor of architecture from the College of Fine Arts of Shanghai University.

    Past Works

    Mega Sim Card 
    Spray Paint on Concrete


    Mixed Media/



    Look Through ME
    Mixed Media/Photography


    XIE YI

    1984 born Xie Yi received his BFA and MFA in Sculpture from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. He is currently based in Beijing.

    Past Works

    Two Classic Works

    Snake and Women


    Snake and Women

    "La Chair" Exhibition

    2016, Shanghai

    Since 2014, Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum has established the long-term strategic collaborative relationship with the Gwangju Museum of Art. Gwangju Museum of Art has recommended many Korean artists to the Shanghai programme, such as Lee Jeong Lok, Kim Dong A, Li Shixuan, Zheng Guangxi, Sobin Park, Ryu Eun, etc. We have also recommended many Chinese artists to Korea, such as Guan Huaibin, Zhang Aidong, You Si, Zhang Qiushi, Zhan Jia, Hu Jiayi, Zhao Jingyan, and Zheng Haozhong.

    On the occasion of Gwangju Biennial and SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul, the museum will provide 3 months of exchange programme this year for the young artists in China during late August to mid-November.

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