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About Programme


In the contemporary context, art museum is no longer merely a place to display artworks. Rather, it has developed into a venue to inspire, collect and demonstrate thinking. Young Thinker Residency (YTR), a new programme launched by Shanghai Himalayas Museum, casts light on the museum’s ambition to take the role as an incubator to foster thinking. The vision and uniqueness of this programme lie in the fact that it not only draws on the innate advantages of art museum but also manages to go one step further by combining thinking with visual approaches to carry out experiments on a variety of dimensions.


Many art museums run residency programmes and workshops for young art practitioners and scholars as part of their public programmes. Such programmes are often under the name of “young artist-in-residence programme”, “young curator-in-residence programme” or “young critic-in-residence programme”.


With the Shanghai Himalayas Museum’s constant explorations in the fields of contemporary art theories and art management since its establishment, in the museum’s context the notion of art has been expanded from “artwork” to social performance, and the influence of art has gone beyond the white-cube space of the museum, extending to the Himalayas Center and the various possible sites in the wider range of society. Such extension leads to the emergence of new types of programme as traditional categories seem inadequate and incompetent to describe and meet the needs of the newly-emerging knowledge structures and statuses.


It is in this regard that Shanghai Himalayas Museum decides to launch Young Thinker Residency programme, inviting young thinking practitioners from different disciplines and with different interests of research to attend the residency programme. The museum will play the role as an anchor point for the breeding and development of their practice as well as a platform for them to communicate and publicize their thinking. Other than a platform to demonstrate the achievements of young thinkers, YTR also intends to build itself as an open institute that facilitates and promotes cross-college communication and extracurricular education and research. In the meantime, the young thinking practitioners will become the linking points and initiators that build the connections among different disciplines and experts from different backgrounds.

Young Thinker Residency I

Participants: Song Xinlin, Bu Zhicheng, Chen Chi, Chang Peijie


Shanghai Himalayas Museum is pleased to announce that Song Xinlin, Bu Zhicheng, Chen Chi and Cheng Peijie are selected as participants for the first edition of the Young Thinker Residency (YTR) in 2017. Through the exhibition Humanistic Nature and Society (Shan-Shui¬) —— An Insight into the Future and the serial forums accompanying the exhibition during the past few years, Shanghai Himalayas Museum has laid a foundation for the direction of its development and research. For the inaugural edition of the YTR programme, the four participating young thinkers will carry on the study and further the notion both on the theoretical and methodological level. What they do during the residency will be presented as special projects and a continuation of Humanistic Nature and Society (Shan-Shui¬).



Song Xinlin  |  1986, China

Indipendent City Observor

Lives and Works in Shanghai and New York


Song Xinlin graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London, with a masters degree in Sociology, which gives her in-depth insights into topics such as urban planning and the interplay between community and cultural industry. During the residency, the notion of Humanistic Nature and Society (Shan-Shui¬) will be the focus of her study. Inspired by the demonstration of Humanistic Nature and Society (Shan-Shui¬) within the context of the Himalayas Center, she endeavors to further her thinking upon the topic.



Bu Zhicheng  |  1993China

Choreographist, College Lecturer

Lives and works in Shanghai


Bu Zhicheng is a choreographer and performer of modern dance. He used to work with New York-based artist Brian Reed on a modern dance entitled Dance the Red Mist. By taking the architectural characteristics of the Himalayas Center into consideration, by the end of the residency Bu will present a modern dance based on the delineation of Humanistic Nature and Society (Shan-Shui¬).



Chen Chi  |  1990China

Independent curator, Founder of Negation International

Lives and Works in New York


New York-based Chen Chi presented four sessions of “Collecting Depression Anxiety” in 2016, and based on that she will continue to further her thinking and practice by working with Ecologic Solutions, a company in New York with a focus on emerging saving and environmentally preferable technologies. By curating exhibitions and forums during the residency, she manages to present a somewhat “reverse-way” of demonstrating ideas within the context of exhibition. The exhibition will focus on eco-environment and the interaction between electronics technology and the society, probing into eco-cycle, psycho-cycle as well as the cycle of artistic value. By combining the power of science and technology industry with that of art museum, she endeavors to promote the practice of socially engaged art. And the forums she curates will explore into topics such as eco-energy vs. public affairs, technology vs. management.